How do I schedule a lesson?

Simply contact me via an email request form at the bottom, and let me know your availability!  Lessons are given on a first contacted – first served basis… so it is important to contact me as soon as possible so I can get you scheduled. I will contact you as far ahead of time when the wind is forecast to be appropriate.

Do I need to purchase any kite gear?

No. All kite gear necessary for lessons are provided for you.  In fact, it is better to take the lessons first, before you purchase gear. As a follow on service after your lessons, I will provide assistance and advice on purchasing your own gear, and help you get into equipment right for you!

Where are lessons held?

Lessons are held at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City.  Specifically, at Kite Beach. This is located on the East side of the lake, off the Britton Rd exit from Lake Hefner Parkway. Turn right at Louie’s Restaurant and go to the parking lot at end of road.

What should I bring to lesson?
  1. Swimsuit (active style), Rashguard or water shirt to keep sun off skin.
  2. Water shoes are Mandatory. I recommend Aqua Sox, Vibram Five Fingers, or short Reef Booties work really good.
  3. Sunscreen, Hat, Polarized sunglasses with lanyard (for better water vision)
  4. PLENTY of cold drinks for hydration!
How can I pay for lessons?

I accept cash, check, and credit cards through PayPal for services. Payment is due in full at time of lesson. Lessons must be scheduled prior to purchase. To review course information and prices, please visit the Course Information page.

What if there is no wind, or the wind quits during lesson?

I try to advise for wind potential at least one or two days prior to the lesson. The forecast can change, but I try to let you know as far ahead of time as possible. If no wind, I will re-schedule the lesson for a different time. If I cannot complete a lesson because the winds became too light, I will finish at a different time, picking up where we stop at no extra cost.